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Tesla Model S Test Drive and The Powerwall


Tesla Model S and Yes Truck

Not a bad place to park. The Yes Solar Solutions

“Boot” truck next to the Tesla Model S.

Taking A Road Trip

Seeing as though Yes Solar Solutions is the only certified Tesla Powerwall  storage installer in North Carolina, we thought it only made sense to go get familiar with the Tesla electric vehicles currently available in the market today.  So we ventured over to the Raleigh location to meet with some of the Tesla folks, discuss the Powerwall and of course, take an EV for a test drive!




Arriving at the Showroom

Jay Driving A Model S

Our Director of Sales, Jay Linke

test driving the Tesla Model S.

We walked in, got checked in and were ready to get out the door.  We had the option at the office of taking out the Model X or the Model S, which were on hand.

Tesla Model X

We did a walk around of the model X.  The door handles emerged as we walked by the car with key in hand and the winged doors (Officially named the “Falcon Winged Doors”) opened revealing three seats in the second row and plenty of room in the back (the third row).  Around the front was a “Panoramic Windshield”.

Designated an SUV and family car, the Model X has all-wheel drive and actually can fit up to 7 adults.  Although we did not take this one for a test drive, Tesla’s website mentions a very impressive zero to 60MPH in 2.9 seconds.  Also according to Tesla the X can travel up to 295 miles on a single charge.

Tesla Model S

We opted to take a test drive in the Model S.  We test drove the Dual Motor version, zero to 60 MPH in 2.5 seconds.  With one motor in the front and one in the back, the set up provides pretty incredible acceleration and traction control.  It was clear that when you sat in the Model S, it is as if the car was built around the driver and it felt like it adapted to you personally.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The touchscreen was positioned for a captain at the helm of spacecraft with all the information you could need for a personalized driving experience.  The drive was extremely quiet, which in addition to providing a sense of calm, accentuated an orchestra -like sound system.

The range will vary depending on the speed you drive, the outside temperature, the specific model and the size of the wheels, however, Tesla is listing the range from 265mi to 337mi.


Solar, EV’s and Storage, A Perfect Match

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Full disclosure, we knew we would enjoy this test drive, but it was truly an experience that we recommend.  For example, some thoughts expressed by Jay, (Yes Solar Solutions, Director of Sales) that describe the drive:

“That was awesome!  I must have one.”, “I feel like I just floated down 540 on a magical unicorn.” and “I’m not getting out.”

It further solidified our commitment to a movement to incorporating Solar, Energy Storage and EV’s.

We are in full support and have the certifications and expertise to help you Power Your Vehicle with Solar.  Want to learn more?   Here is a post about our certification and the Tesla Powerwall home battery.  We are also proud to be leading the integration of solar storage technologies. 

Give us a call 919-459-4155, or contact us with the link below, we are ready to talk about your energy goals and tell you more about our Tesla test drive and how we can make solar (and EV charging) accessible.

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