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Dorcas Ministries Goes Solar with Yes Solar

Dorcas Ministries

Yes Solar Solutions partnered with Argand Energy Solutions to install a leased system on the roof of Dorcas Ministries. The 236 kW photovoltaic array consists of 884 panels which will generate enough energy to power about 30 homes a year! Both Yes Solar Solutions and Argand Energy Solutions are expanding their services into the non-profit sector to help organizations reap the benefits of clean energy.

About Dorcas Ministries

Dorcas Ministries is a non-profit organization focused on serving Wake County residents who find themselves in any kind of temporary financial crisis. The donations they receive are resold in the Dorcas Thrift Shop to raise funds for crisis support. That support can be temporary rental assistance or vouchers to pay for child care so a parent can afford to take a job. The non-profit also operates a food pantry that provides free emergency food assistance.

Dorcas Ministries maintains the goal of contributing to the community and creating a sustainable business model. This goal is what brought them to the decision of building a solar farm on 50,000 square feet of roof space on the building. This building also houses Habitat for Humanity Restore, among other tenants.  

About the Project

The partnership between Yes Solar Solutions of Cary and Argand Energy Solutions of Durham will result in the largest non-profit solar energy system in Wake County and one of the largest non-profit installations in the state of North Carolina. The two solar energy companies will work side-by-side on the installation.

Under an innovative solar financing model, Argand Energy will own and operate the system where Dorcas Ministries will be able to utilize the solar energy with no out-of-pocket expenses. Dorcas Ministries will receive rent for hosting the solar farm and at the end of seven years will have the option to buy the array.

Solar Industry Magazine released an article of the partnership between Yes Solar and Argand Energy to install the Dorcas Ministries 236kW solar system.

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