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Hurricane Florence Preparedness

Hurricane Florence Preparedness Includes Energy Storage

With Florence advancing, preparing includes a long list of emergency measures.  Flooding and power outages are the two biggest risks. Flooding is hard to avoid, but power outages can be managed to some extent. Yes Solar’s Tesla Powerwall 2 customers have an advantage. Rain and dark skies are preventing those with solar to generate much electricity to store. But our first Tesla Powerwall customer (and the Yes Solar resident energy guru Steve Calvert) had this advice:

“I put mine in backup-only mode last night. There isn’t going to be much sun for the next few days before the storm so it is a good idea to save everything for later. And if the power goes out I will have to conserve until the sun comes back out. Especially if the storm hangs around for a few days.”

Availability of the Tesla Powerwall 2

The 2019 forecast for the availability of the Tesla Powerwall 2 units is good. We frequently now install two or three units per household and next month will be installing a large solar system on a home with five Powerwalls.  Our advice may be too late for hurricane Florence, but it is not too late to prepare for the next power outage, or for using energy storage for a solar system, or to offset that new electric vehicle charging in your garage.  You can find more information about energy storage here, or call 919-459-4155 to discuss how the Tesla Powerwall 2 could benefit you.

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