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We Heart Solar

For Valentine’s Day, we are taking the opportunity to feature some of our happy customers who are in love with solar (or with Yes Solar Solutions). We often receive 5 Star Reviews on our Solar Panel Installations from our customers when they receive official surveys. We love that! On this occasion, however, we are highlighting what those 5 star reviews mean by sharing the love we feel from our customers. From our customers in North Carolina and South Carolina, their warmth, (like the sun!) is why we are devoted to solar energy. Much like a solar array converts the sun’s energy, we take the glowing words from our customers and transform them into a positive power that fuels our business.

With Solar Energy, there is a lot to Love: Love for the earth and all the inhabitants of this planet. A love of energy independence and even more, love of paying less for energy! There is a love for others, future generations and an opportunity to leave a loving solar legacy.

Below is a sampling of the affection we have heard about Yes Solar Solutions and solar energy.  Select “read more” to learn more about the projects.  We also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to our customers, and let you know, that we love you.

Solar Love Stories – We Heart Solar

Expanding a Rooftop Solar System (8.13kW Solar System)
“We consider our Solar system from Yes Solar,  along with our Prius hybrid and Leaf electric cars essential in helping the environment for generations to come….” (Read More)

HOA Approved (5.88kW Solar System)
“As an engineer, solar energy systems are an exciting technology.  After working with Drew at Yes Solar to see what kind of system made sense to use on my house and orientation, a 5.8kW system was installed late last fall along with a consumption meter so that I could monitor how much power was produced…” (Read More)

Loving The Planet and Tax Credits (8.3kW System)
“We ❤ our solar system! We ❤ that we are doing our part in saving the planet…” (Read More)

Solar Communities (6.24 kW system)
“We love our neighbors and love having YES Solar Solutions a big part of neighborhood…” (Read More)

“Read more about our reviews or Projects and start your own solar love story by contacting Yes Solar Solutions!

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